Mother Thomasina Todd

“Christ Is all, He’s everything to me. Christ is all, He rules the land and sea. Christ is all, without Him nothing would be. Christ is all, Christ is All, He’s everything to me.”

The words of this song express the heart and sentiments of Mother Thomasina Todd, Founding Mother of Christ Haven Pentecostal Church and wife of our late Bishop and Founder, William Fleming Todd, Sr. They were blessed to be united for 48 years of marriage. And through their covenant and submission to God’s will in their life, God graced them with a powerful and a pioneering ministry that continues to yield good fruit through the next generation leadership of Bishop Isadore Grant, Jr.

Growing up in Savannah, Georgia, God proved himself to be a sustainer to her family. Mother Todd was born the ninth of eleven children to Esau and Queen Esther Singleton. As a small child she remembers attending The Friendship Baptist Church, where she first learned about the Lord. She enjoyed going to choir rehearsals with her mother Queen Esther Singleton. Her mother raised her children to always support and care for one another through the best and worst of times. After the death of her father–which occurred while she was at the very young age of three years old–God was always there providing a way for her and her family. As a result, her family became very closely knit through the years. Mother Todd has always honored her own mother for being such a great example in her life.

Founding Mother Thomasina Todd is gracious to the Christ Haven ministry and is greatly loved. She is a seamstress, songstress, encourager, and lover of God’s word. She pioneered the Women’s Ministry of Christ Haven, served as a Sunday School teacher, and was the first president of the Usher Board and the Prayer Band Ministry. Most importantly, Mother enjoys ministering to children. She had a Family Home Day Care. Also, over 20 years ago, she began the “Girls Growing in Grace” program, which is a Christ Haven mentorship program for girls ages 6-17. This program continues as one of the church ministries at Christ Haven. Mother also worked at the Walnut Street Elementary school in Darby Pa, where she served as lunch and recess monitor. After Seeing the needs of those school students, she hosted a Saturday Morning Prayer at the school grounds once a month. She has a love and tenderness about her that connects with children. Former children that she helped along the years still keep in touch with mother and remember the impact that Mother Todd left on their lives.

Currently, Mother Todd is the “We Care Ministry” leader where she continues to sow seeds of love to saints through her encouraging cards and random acts of kindness. Mother Todd is blessed to be the matriarch of six beautiful children and five sons in love: Elder Kenneth & Sis.  Naomi Knight, Deacon Rondel & Sister Tonya Hatch, Bro. William Todd, Jr., Minister Karim & Sister Theresa Tilley, Bro Sando & Sister Natosha Bracewell, and Dr. Oluwaseye & Sister Clarissa Adekanye; sixteen grandchildren and three great-grandchildren and many spiritual sons and daughters. Founding Mother Thomasina Todd continues to work for the Master. Her favorite scripture is Psalms 90:12: “So teach us to number our days that we may apply our hearts to wisdom.”

To God be the glory for the things he has done!